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When should I perform these routine maintenance?

First of all, I have a 1989 Toyota Cressida and I live in southern California.

I'm creating a maintenance checklist for myself, but I need some help doing so.

I'm going to list a bunch of car maintenance items. Please tell me how often and how I should %26quot;perform%26quot; or %26quot;check%26quot; each task (every X miles or X months/years or whichever comes first... or however you best describe it).

Feel free to modify the list. Add, remove,rearrange items (from highest priority to lowest etc), or put into categories the way you think it would be a more convenient.

And note anything that should be checked/changed at the same time for convenience purposes.

radiator cap

air filter

fuel filter

spark plugs


wiper blades



water level


fuel hoses

radiator hose


timing belt

fan belt


engine oil


brake fluid

power steering

radiator fluid


windshield washer





air pressure

wheel bearings

brake pads


oil level every fuel-upWhen should I perform these routine maintenance?
The owners manual should have most of those items listed in it. If yours is missing, go to an auto parts store and get a Haynes manual for around $20. If you are short on cash, here is a link I found. should I perform these routine maintenance?
alot of these items should have been changed a long time ago.

a better idea is to join a model specific forum and share your pains and triumphs with a group. here is a site with a cressida following
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  • How Much Does a Full Service 16 Point Vehicle Check Usually Cost?

    I'm researching deals to get my car checked out for a check-up and all that. I have an alingment problem (nothing completly major) and I was just wondering if it would be worth to mention or not to get it fixed. It all depends on how much a Full Service 16 Point Vehicle Check costs. I have a coupon but I'd like to know roughly the cost of one.

    The 16 Points are:

    1. A Change of Oil

    2. Installation of a New Oil Filter

    3. Lubricate Chassis

    4. Check Air Filter

    5. Check Breather Element and PVC Value

    6. Check/Fill Power Steering Fluid

    7. Check Battery Fluid

    8. Check/Fill Windshield Fluid

    9. Check/Fill Transmission or Transaxle Fluid

    10. Check/Fill Differential Fluid

    11. Check Radiator Level and Test Coolant

    12. Check Windshield Wiper Blades

    13. Check and Set Tire Pressure

    14. Check All Exterior Lights

    15. Wash Exterior Windows

    16. Vacuum Interior

    My next question is: how much, roughly, do you think they'd charge me for filling the things they only check?How Much Does a Full Service 16 Point Vehicle Check Usually Cost?
    $29.95 and to top off brake fluid, coolant, gear oil, just a couple of bucks more

    Filters if they say you need one buy it elsewhere and install it youself. the markup on extra parts are out of this world.How Much Does a Full Service 16 Point Vehicle Check Usually Cost?
    Most fast lube stores will charge less than $35.00 for a full service oil change, depending on the type of vehicle you drive. Diesels and 4x4 trucks are usually a bit more.

    The 16 point vehicle inspection is included in that price, but not all fast lube offer the same services and will vary depending on which fast lube you take it to. For an example not all fast lube will vaccuum the interior or wash the windshield.

    As for the air filter, a visual inspection is included in the price of the full service oil change. If it is dirty and needs to be replaced it will be recommended, however the price of a replacement is not included and will vary according to the size, and type of filter required. Also, as with most items the price will fluctuate according to the manufacturer.

    If you take your vehicle to the same fast lube for regularly scheduled maintenance and oil changes they should top off all your fluids at no charge to you in between oil change intervals.

    Call the fast lube stores in your area to find the lowest price for their full service oil change, most stores will accept and honor competitors coupons, ask to be sure they do. Also chose one that provides services that are important to you, like setting your tire pressure correctly, or inspecting the cabin air filter if so equipped.

    You are starting out on the right foot by doing your research first, kudos to you.

    How often should you maintain your car?

    1. oil, lube, filter: oil change - 3000 miles or 3 months. How often should I change lube? Filter?

    2. At this time, I can also ask the mechanic to fill up my tires. Should I fill up my tires more often than 3 months?

    3. power steering fluid - How long does it last or how often should I change?

    4. coolant/anti-freeze - How long does it last or how often should I change?

    5. break fluid - How long does it last or how often should I change?

    6. Transmission fluid - How long does it last or how often should I change?

    7. Differences in regular, mid-grade, and premium gasoline. Is premium necessarily the best? How often should I fill up premium gasoline?

    8. windshield wiper blades - How long do they last or how often should I change?

    9. freons - How long does it last? How can I maintain my car so the freons lasts the maximum?

    10. How often should I wash my car? Wax?

    11. How often should I clean the interior?

    12. Am I leaving out anything else?

    The reason I ask these questions is because I want to maintain my vehicle myself as much as possible. The only exception is oil, lube, and filter change and freons. Thank you. I would greatly appreciate your help.How often should you maintain your car?
    long list and easy to say you do it everyday every week and every month

    first one 3000 miles oil and filter rotate tires check tire monthly or more wil save life of tire and get better fuel mileage

    power steering fluid really dont have to ever been change just toped off

    coolant/anti-freeze top off change like every three yrs

    break fluid top off never change

    Transmission fluid check like oil change oil and filter but like at 60,000 120,000 miles

    has for fuel buy at place you stop at most offen fil with best they have set mileage drive til you need more try next octane level set mileage used the one that gets the best miles which will vary with each place knowing a few brands and type to use but most cars will run fine on them all but using the one that gets yourcar the best mileage is the one you want to use

    windshield wiper blades once a yr

    freons have it check once a yr

    wash when dirty wax every other time or about four times or so a year when ever you feel like it has for

    cleaning insides when ever

    wheel alignment once a yr or if you see tires are wearing or it drives funny as for wheel rotation easy to remember to do it with oil change about every 3000 miles its not so much as when to but to do most people dont do it at all heres a couple sites that you can find how to's and when

    How often should you maintain your car?
    Read your cars manual. It will tell you how often to service and what to do when you service it.

    You should check your tyres as often as you can and definately before long journeys. You should get a pump.

    Differences in petrol(gas) are only the octane rating, use regular unless your car requires premium. (Read the manual)

    Freon is a trade name, but I assume you mean air conditioning refrigerant, you don't need to do anything with this unless your air conditioning stops working.

    You clean your car when it gets dirty... I wax mine every time I wash it.. and I wash it a lot. It is personal preferance.

    Wheel alignment I'd have done every year, unless you notice a problem. Make sure you get a 4 wheel alignment if you drive a rear wheel drive car.How often should you maintain your car?
    Every car make is a little different, look in your service manual it'll have all that info.

    Need some help changing my windshield wipers?

    i got a 2006 nissan maxiam a few months back and the guy i bought it from lost the owners manual so i don't know how to change the windshield wipers. i've looked online for info and they say pull the release tab, but when i push the tab, i can't get the blade out

    thanks for you timeNeed some help changing my windshield wipers?
    Depends on whether you are trying to replace the entire wiper assembly or just the rubber blade itself.

    Many wiper arms have a hook at the end and you push the wiper toward the base of the wiper arm instead of pulling away from it.

    To get just the rubber blade out I normally use pliers to bend one of the metal tabs on either side of the blade, at the end of the blade closest to the base of the arm, and slide the support band out. The blade will almost fall out without either one of the support bands. Then you slide the replacement back in.

    The easiest was is to go to Autozone, Advance Auto, etc and they'll change them for you for free.Need some help changing my windshield wipers?
    make it easy on yourself, get a tin snips or a wire cutters and cut off the old ones (do not cut the pole it sits on)

    The wipers pull straight off of the post (that is 90 degrees from the wiper arm)

    I once bent the arm trying to remove the wiper... look at the new wiper and see the center hole... that is the separation point.

    cut it off and save yourself time

    the new one snaps right back on that pole (it is about an inch or so long)

    How do I keep my car's windshield grease/oil free ?

    my car's windshield seems to have a thin film of something on it so when it rains at night and I put on the wipers I can hardly see as the wipers seem to spread the film more. I use windscreen cleaning solution and all kinds of glass cleaners and nothing has worked. Even changed the wiper blades twice over 6 months.How do I keep my car%26039;s windshield grease/oil free ?
    i own a repair shop,and try cleaning it real good ,and use some rain-x on it,,this stuff really works good ,and it last for a while too,but it will help keep a lot those things from sticking to it,,good luck,i hope this help,s,,and happy thanksgiving.How do I keep my car%26039;s windshield grease/oil free ?
    t_man.. I have exactly the same problem on my windshield. The layer spreads and kills visibility before it sublimes on rainy nights. I have tried everything you had tried before you found the right solution. Can you please tell me what you did?

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    How do I keep my car%26039;s windshield grease/oil free ?
    use a grease remover(like %26quot;simple green%26quot;) and then glass cleaner... also if it is an older car go visit your local Napa Store and try %26quot;innovision%26quot; wiper blades. They are awesome. Some older cars wiper arms loose tension and so the innovisions are designed to make tighter contact with windshield....How do I keep my car%26039;s windshield grease/oil free ?
    It might be your washer fluid that is the issue. My dad used a can of Coca Cola after visiting the beach to remove the film!

    Anyway, I use a mixture of dishsoap and alcohol, which is used in eye glass cleaner. Most all commercial products use alcohol in their products as well. At the very least, clean your glass with straight alcohol to break down the film and then use Rain X which does indeed work well and for a long period of time.

    Good luck.How do I keep my car%26039;s windshield grease/oil free ?
    yeah, Rain-X is magical stuff. God bless the inventor of it. One time, my windshield wiper motor stopped working so I couldn't use the wipers. I went and bought Rain-X and wiped it on kind of heavy. After that, I didn't even need to repair the wiper motor, the Rain-X was that good. Though, I must say I don't recommend/endorse you to do the same thing. Maybe I was just lucky....I think so. I only did it because I didn't have the time or money to repair the motor.

    Should I pay this much for my transmission or go somewhere else?

    Hi, My name is Aaron. I have a 1994 Buick Regal with just about 73,000 miles on it. I bought it from an older couple for $3,200. I have owned it for about a year now and hasn't had any major problems.

    Last 2 months ago, I just put a brand new cooling system,water pump, oil change, and windshield wiper blades for about $350. I go to a shop called %26quot;Jiffy Oil%26quot; which they know my car backwards and forwards and also give me discounts (They know my mom).

    Anyways, my car started making noise so I took it to them. They knew it was my transmission, but have no skills into repairing it. They told me to go down to the transmission place next to Dairy Queen and tell them Jiffy Oil sent you and it was Mark. I said Ok and took my car down there.

    The guy there at the transmissions place got in my car listened to the noise and opened the hood. He showed me exactly what the problem was. It had chunks of metal everywhere..I had no idea how it happened. He said it would run me about $1,100 to repair it as if it were brand new and would give me 12 months free repair with insurance as well. I told him I'd think about it and take my car some other places first. I went to three other places I knew. The first one said $1,600 and would be $200 extra for insurance for only 6 months. The second one said $6,800. They told me it was totally damaged, never seen anything like it before. And the third one said $9,200..they said pretty much the same thing as the second. Both did not include insurance. My dad said that is outrageous for such prices and doesn't know what to do either. My cousin, which is a Diesel/Automotive Machanic, said that the first one was a good deal and I should go with it, because my car would only sell for $500 if I wanted to sell it. Please help! Thanks everyone.Should I pay this much for my transmission or go somewhere else?
    The $1100 is definitely a good deal.Should I pay this much for my transmission or go somewhere else?
    ac_johns71014, I had similar problems last week and was glad I got my repairs covered under my extended warranty. They are less expensive if you don't buy them from the manufacturer. I pay this much for my transmission or go somewhere else?
    $1,000 is,nt bad for all that work. i believe i would go with that. the reason the chunks were there was they never kept the fluid and filter changed.Should I pay this much for my transmission or go somewhere else?
    I would go with $1100. Why not just get a rebuilt one and exchange it. Look into that instead of going for repairs.Should I pay this much for my transmission or go somewhere else?
    $1,100 is definitely a good price. Especially with the economy the way it is you're lucky to find anyone that will fix the car for under $2000. It depends on how much you love your car though if you feel you'd rather sell it then do it.
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  • How do I remove scratches in an automobile windshield?

    This is a 1995 Nissan Sentra. The scratches have been caused by the windshield wipers. Apparently the previous owner neglected to change the blades periodically.How do I remove scratches in an automobile windshield?
    I have some personal experience with this. The rubbing compound method won't work unless the scratches are VERY light, and even then you have to be careful, as too much rubbing wit h the abrasive rubbing compound will leave a hazy area on the glass (micro-scratches from the abrasives). You can go to your local auto glass shop and see if they can repair the wiper scratches, but even if they can (somewhat doubtful unless they're REALLY deep), the resin they use is not totally clear; you'll always be able to see the repair, even though it might make it look better short term. That kind of repair usually only works well on chips and stars.

    Frankly, I'd eventually go with replacing it, because I honestly don't think you'll like the results otherwise. If it should get any further damage or develop a crack as a result of the scoring from the wiper scratches, your insurance will cover replacing it under %26quot;comprehensive%26quot; coverage. If you don't have that coverage, and can't afford a new windshield out of pocket, you can go to a salvage yard and obtain a good quality used one. Most auto glass places will install the used one for you for a modest fee (grudgingly, as they'd rather sell you a new one). Hope this info helped.How do I remove scratches in an automobile windshield?
    Depending on the depth of the scratches. You could either buff them out with rubbing compound or wax.

    Of you will have to use a epoxy to fill in if they are deep. I would suggest you hire someone that is trained in doing this if you are not familiar with the technique. You can make the windshield worse or cause it to need replacement.